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Modern style mall eyebrow threading kiosk for sale

Model NO.: OS7
Measurement: custom
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Delivery Detail: 10-18 working days

Product Detail

Modern style mall eyebrow threading kiosk for sale



1.Feature of the eyebrow threading kiosk



2.Base material:Plywood/MDF

 Surface:Laminate/Baking paint


3.Skirting bottom:covering stainless steel


4.Countertop:baking paint or man-made stone


5.Accessories:logo, light box, sink and faucet, sockets, wires, locks and keys, etc.


6.Machine equipment:don't provide, but can help you to buy if need.


                                          General material





Ad:Environment-friendly, Light, waterproof, suitable for HPL glue

Normal size:1.22*2.44m

Basic material of barber shop furniture


Ad: Hard, smooth, suitable for baking paint

Dis: Easy to inflate after absorbing miosture

Normal size:1.22*2.44m

Basic material for nail kiosk,eyebrow kiosk and teeth whitening kiosk

Fire retardant board

Compared with MDF, its fire retardant performance is bette

r and other properties are same.

Basic material for barber shop furnitures

Man-made stone

Hard, light, easy to clean

Mainly used for countertop


Flexible, Colorful, Hard

Formica, Wilsonart, Vaco, MG

Materials for surface finish,few nail/teeth whitening/eyebrow

kiosk use it

Tempered glass

Safe, strong

Bezel or display racks or display showcase.And some nail,teeth,

eyebrow display will use it.

Stainless steel

1. brushed SS: hard (used to cover the kicking)

2. mirror SS: bright like a mirror(used to decorate)

1. Bottom protection(Skirting)

2. Countertop


Light, its shape can be customized. 

1. Display racks

2. Logo

LED strip/light

CE certificated.

Energy-saving, Colorful

Color changing and its frequency can be adjusted.

Need equipping transformer. Transformer are certificated by CE.




2.Wall Details

1. can be made in light box, add fashionable poster. 

2. can be made in displays to show the goods.

3. Can be made  in storage to store tools. 

4. Can stick acrylic logo on it. Hollow out or stick on directly both ok. 

5. Height: 1200-2000mm as usual.  


3.Layout and style Details

According to the size of location place to decide how many working seat. 

humanization design, convenient to operate, If you have good own ideas, just feel free to us, designer will show in 3d max effective picture.

Choose your loved style for our reference


4.Logo Details

About logo, there are acrylic letter logo, hollow out light logo, metal logo,  light logo,etc.


For each kiosk, in order to attract consumers and decorate , will add some light boxes, light logo, posters, acrylic letters,etc.


If you have own logo, tell us, we will add it on your kiosk. 


5.Other Details 

About water system, provide sink and water faucet as usual. If need a whole water system ( sink, faucet, tank, pump), we also can  provide. 


About socket and locks, if need special one , please show us pictures.



6. Production pictures in our factory:


MSM00020 (19)









7. Packing





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