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Factory Manufacture Coffee Shopping Mall Kiosk Bubble Tea Bar Counterr Food Service Bar

Model NO.: MSF000032
Measurement: Customized
Price: USD300-7500
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Sets
Delivery Detail: Sea Transportation

Product Detail
Product Details

Food Kiosk

Customized food kiosk as well as drinking kiosk and ice cream kiosk are the main product of our company. We design and manufacture shopping mall related food kiosk. The custom design and fabrication of your mall retail sales dreams is the most important element in our building process.

Drink Kiosk

We have all coffee and ice cream carts for sale and tools required to make them. CAD system, 3D rendering, graphics, fabrication. We can make in wood, steel or aluminum. MYSHINE KIOSK is the company that you turn to when you want to get a lift in your portable sales!
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