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A Chinese woman and an American woman meet

-At the gates of heaven,a Chinese woman and an American woman meet,each said something classic words

Chinese lady said:"finally bought a house before coming to paradise."
American woman said: "I finally put the mortgage repaid before coming to paradise."

-Integrity and quality

we should attach great importance to the integrity of the buyer transaction, the user promises things must be fulfilled.Basically,customers to pay often without any protection, must rely on trust to complete this transaction. So do not try to cheat your customers, or you do not have a second business.and it all stems from the integrity of transactions.
Product quality is always the key.

-Starting Your Business 
Options for starting a cart or kiosk business include opening a permanent location in a mall and leasing a cart; buying a cart to use for outdoor events or on street corners; or renting a cart short-term.If you ready to open a new retail store on shopping mall or other place,and as a specialized manufacture and exporter for this product in China,we hope establish friend business relations with you.

how to install the food kiosk/ice cream kiosk/juice kiosk/bubble tea kiosk

Installion  Guide-(food kiosk/ice cream kiosk/juice kiosk/bubble tea kiosk)

The totally of kiosk will be divide into 6 part ,After you received the kiosk, you shall be connect one part by one part, Please follow the steps below to install the kiosk


When you receive the kiosk, please find the 6 section , according to the picture shown above, Assumed the same position as the drawing, then #1by#2 by#3 …….and so on


Detail for each part will be inside wooden package

Carton1 ,This is large part with logo stand (include one piece of Tom’s chair)

Carton2 ,This part will be two fridge under counter and one pearl  toping machine(small light box and 2 piece of Tom’s chair inside the package )

Carton3, this part is cashier counter.

Carton4,this part is a door for entrance

Carton5,this part is sink for water systerm.(all the cabinet locker inside the sink)

Carton6,it is a counter bar

How to connect the electricity?HOW to install the Sliding door?

Please check the  Video

if you wanna customized kiosk.come to contact me 


email: salse7@myshinekiosk.com

Customized coffee kiosk use in USA--Shirley

Our company just complete a coffee kiosk which can use in USA, all as per customer's requirements to design and manufacture. 

Except the food kiosk, we can do many kind of kiosk, such as eyebrow kiosk, nail desk, reception desk, clothes display stand, sunglasses kiosk, phone accessories kiosk and so on.

If you want  to open a shop, welcome to contact me as below, we can meet your all requirements to design a modern, beauty kiosk for you.

 Email: sales7@myshinekiosk.com

New Project for Ice cream Kiosk in Chicago

We company just done the project in Chicago for a big ice-cream kiosk with a modern design and competitive price.

The client love it so much! Any interest and requirement pls feel free to contact us by email sales7@myshinekiosk.com or Skype: sales7@myshinekiosk.com

Thanks for kind support!