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Professional design food snack kiosk used in shopping mall Professional shop design of mall Juice kiosk

Model NO.: OS526
Measurement: 4*4
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Delivery Detail: 10-18 working days

Product Detail

Professional design food snack kiosk used in shopping mall Professional shop design of mall Juice kiosk

1.Details size of this food kiosk:

Length :5000mm   Menu height:2200mm  side upstand:200mm

Width:3000mm    kickboard Height:100mm  hand sink:420*340*180mm

Front counter :5000mm  Front upstand:75mm  wash sink:300*170*140mm

Rear counter :1000mm   pylon is 2600mm (H) x 800mm (W) x150mm (D)   spray Tap:H-510mm

Of course the size is custom made according to your space, any size is ok



2.Example each part of food kiosk


3. Some other details

Built in water System


Hot water system/Flew Jet Pump/Spray Rinse Tap/water containers*2 /Sinks (1 hand wash/wash up )


Fully Branded

Branded with your logo and design including vinyl wrap/1 raised logo board/1 handing menu

Storage cupboards


Push to open cupboards plus under counter space for commercial fridge and /or for freezer

The equipment list of Food kiosk is Refrigerated table,water sink,coffee machine ,yogurt machine, topping bar.

4. Machine you may need

4.Our Services

1.Payment Terms:


We will provide you our Company Account No,Company Name , Bank Information and SWIFT CODE, Please make sure check these items when you arrange the payment.

Western Union:

We will provide you the Receiver Name for the payment .Please kindly check and present us MTCN when you finish the payment.

Money Gram:

The similar process with Western Union but we do not suggest you taking this way because this way is really convenient for both you and us.

2.Design Information:

Design fee:

$200-$500 accordingly to your kiosk/store/shop size. It is better to provide us the kiosk/store/shop floor plan

Finish Time:

2-3 working days when design fee confirmed


We will refund design fee to you when order is confirmed

Modify Time:

Modified until you satisfied

5. Reference design





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