1Food Kiosk
Fast food kiosk
Pizza Kiosk, Sushi bar Burger kiosk
Snack kiosk
Waffle kiosk Popcorn kiosk churros kiosk design candy kiosk sweet corn kiosk
Drinking kiosk
coffee kiosk juice kiosk bar bubble tea kiosk
Ice kiosk
smoothie kiosks ice cream kiosk Yogurt Kiosk

Food Kiosk is our specialty!

Customized food kiosk as well as drinking kiosk and ice cream kiosk are the main product of our company. We design and manufacture shopping mall related food kiosk ,The custom design and fabrication of your mall retail sales  dreams is one of the most important element in our building process.

Let’s supply you with a commercial concession drinking kiosks for your franchise, store or mall. We can help you increase your brand presence and exposure with low cost solutions. Let us be your partner to assist you in taking your dreams to reality. We have all coffee carts for sale and tools required to make them. CAD system, 3D rendering, graphics, fabrication. We can make in wood, steel or aluminum. MYSHINE. KIOSK  is the company that you turn to when you want to get a lift in your portable sales! 

We always build ice cream kiosk ,pizza kiosk ,sushi bar, burger kiosk ,waffle kiosk ,popcorn kiosk ,churros kiosk,candy kiosk,sweet corn kiosk,coffee kiosk ,juice bar kiosk ,bubble tea kiosk ,popsicle kiosk ,smoothie kiosks ,yogurt kiosk .....

We also provide related equipment for kiosk ,such as the under counter fridge ,ice maker, sealing machine, cash register ,blender ,frozen yogurt machine ....

2Beauty Kiosk
Eyebrow kiosk
brow bar eyelash extension kiosk
Barber kiosk
hair dressing kiosk Shop barber stations barber chair
nail kiosk
nail bar manicure table pdicure kiosk nail desk
teeth white
dental kiosk teeth whitening kiosk

Eyebrow Nail is good business !

Threading has become a very popular treatment over the least few years and with a few tips and ideas you could benefit from starting your very own threading business. There is a huge potential for earning good money as a self employed beauty therapist offering eyebrow threading as a service.


Look at most salons and even shopping Malls these days and they have signs for threading in their windows.  Look inside a salon and you will nearly always see them busy.


Myshine would like to assist you to start your kiosk ,we can make creative eyebrow threading kiosk ,manufacture brow bar, arrange the transportation for your eye lash retail kiosk ,assemble kiosk at your mall .

What accessories of kiosk myshine offer include advertising player, eyebrow shop chair stool ,salon beauty bed , manicure table ,nail bar with nail printer , UV dryer ,nail polish ,uniform with your brand ,brochure .....

3Accessories kiosk
sunglasses kiosk
sunglasses cabinet sunglass display rack Eyesware kiosk
Phone accessories
phone cabinet
Jewelry kiosk
Watch kiosk
Watch cabinet
cigarettes cabinet
museum cabinet

Jewelry kiosk 

Jewelry showcase ,jewelry display cabinet, jewelry kiosk are also our main product. We have exported jewelry kiosk to USA, UK , Australia ....The light is most important for jewelry business , so professional designer is the key point of the kiosk design.