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How to Start a Cell Phone Accessory Business

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How to Start a Cell Phone Accessory Business

Even though the cell phone accessory market is a profitable one, it is also highly competitive.In addition to cell phone franchises selling accessories, independent stores and kiosks can be found in many malls and other public areas. The Internet is also filled with websites and web stores eager to sell cell phone accessories.But if you can find a location with limited competition or create an online presence that outshines the competition,you can build a profitable small business selling cell phone accessories.

Step 1

Choose a location for your cell phone accessory business. Rent retail space or save money by renting a kiosk. Visit local shopping malls and plazas to find a high-traffic location. Avoid locations already serviced by other cell phone or cell phone accessory stores to reduce competition. Contact a real estate agent specializing in commercial real estate to assist you in your search.

Step 2

Set up your store or kiosk. Purchase display racks, hooks and shelves to display inventory. Purchase a cash register and credit card terminal. Open a merchant account with credit card provider companies to accept credit card payments from customers. Purchase sales signs with photos of cell phone accessories to display in the front window of your store or on the walls of your kiosk. List your store or kiosk in mall directories and in online and offline business directories.

Step 3

Open an online store instead of renting retail space or a kiosk. Build a website or open a web store through an e-commerce website, such as eBay. Include photos, product descriptions, pricing and shipping information, return policy and contact information. Create a home office to store inventory, invoices and bookkeeping paperwork. Purchase a computer, desk, comfortable chair, retail software to track inventory and invoices, postal scale, boxes and shipping supplies. Open a merchant account with credit card provider companies and online payment services, such as Paypal, to accept credit card payments.

Step 4

Purchase cell phone accessories from wholesale retailers. Accessories may include head phones, Bluetooth accessories, cell phone covers, wireless keyboards, SIM cards, screen protectors, car chargers, wall adaptors and batteries. Research the latest in cell phone accessory trends by reading industry articles, visiting cell phone provider websites, online forums and competitor websites.

Step 5

Create a customer contact list by asking for email addresses after customers make a purchase at your store, kiosk or online. Use this list to inform customers of new accessories and sales. Use social media websites, such as Facebook or Twitter, to create a loyal customer following. Post valuable information about caring for cell phones and accessories, trendy and entertaining information about cell phones or other information that will grab the customer's attention.

Things Needed

  • Retail space or kiosk
  • Web store
  • Cell phone accessories

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